red moon tree

flames dancing through branches

bedazzled                                                                by Miriam Sulhunt


as usual

juiciest blackberries

just out of reach                                                    by Miriam Sulhunt



green tomatoes off the vine

making chutney                                                     by Miriam Sulhunt


laughing children

pumpkin lanterns lit, pass by                           by Miriam Sulhunt


leaves in autumn

patchwork of red and gold

unfolding                                                               by Miriam Sulhunt


stiffening breeze

lifts a flier

the show is over                                                    by John Wall


from the crowd

one last hurrah

evening shivers                                                    by John Wall


even the city

looks beautiful tonight

moon viewing                                                      by Patrick Dunne


early sunset

the grass still unmown

cat don’t care                                                       by Becky Dwyer


as suddenly as it started

the rain stopped

golden leaves                                                      by Becky Dwyer


autumn dusk

the head…the neck of a swan

disappears                                                            by Catherine Urquhart