May Day

sunrise lights the candles

of horse chestnut                                     by John Wall


Sunday morning

around the churchyard

blossom swirls                                         by John Wall


cherry trees

all are blossoming

except one                                                 by John Wall


April morning

the blue sky

awaits swallows                                         by John Wall


March wind

even the snow

seeks shelter                                                   by John Wall


golden in sunlight

dancing in the breeze

dandelions                                                        by John Wall


on the branch

a blackbird lands

blossom shower                                              by John Wall


bathed in sunshine

shivering in the wind

crocus                                                                  by John Wall



on the gravestones

daffodils                                                             by John Wall


pairing birds

bowing in the branches

new beginnings                                                 by John Wall


waking from sleep

a bumble bee and I

startled by snow                                               by John Wall


crowds of daffodils

joyful at winter’s passing

we’re still alive                                                by John Wall


between gull midnight

and magpie dawn

peace                                                                 by John Wall



among the snowdrops

blind daffodil                                                  by John Wall



beyond weeping cherry trees

the shape of water                                       by Miriam Sulhunt



tail feathers in the air

ruddy duck                                                    by Miriam Sulhunt


between snowfalls

crocus flowers

awaken                                                           by Miriam Sulhunt


snow flurries

a magpie flies

twig in beak                                                 by Miriam Sulhunt


fragrant breeze

through open windows

cherry blossoms                                            by Miriam Sulhunt


in every room

a different time

stopped clocks                                                by Miriam Sulhunt


spring shower

sun hot enough

to dry my hair                                                 by Miriam Sulhunt


grim-eyed heron

skewers a flash of silver –

dagger blade                                                  by Miriam Sulhunt


pale moon

planted in lunar garden

spring                                                             by Miriam Sulhunt



full fish moon

minnows spawn                                        by Miriam Sulhunt



rolled out like a silken cloth

rippling                                                        by Miriam Sulhunt



slender stems bow

but do not break                                         by Miriam Sulhunt


the breeze

and the cherry blossoms

stop                                                               by Becky Dwyer


the blossoms

some earlier

some later                                                  by Becky Dwyer



welcomes the oak buds

the warm sun                                             by Becky Dwyer


£50 of bulbs

just shoots

but the dandelion…                                  by Becky Dwyer


small stitches

re-flocking the pillow

cherry blossoms                                         by Becky Dwyer



on an empty bean pole

too early for peas                                        by Becky Dwyer


the blackbird

today also, today also

warmer                                                          by Becky Dwyer


pushed forward by wind

transatlantic nor’ easter

no blackbird today                                      by Becky Dwyer


skylark song

lifts my pale face

promise of freckles                                     by Elaine Charwat


late for work

wiping the windscreen clear

of cherry blossom                                         by Patrick Dunne




spring                                                           by Patrick Dunne


blue skies

in every puddle

spring garden                                           by Patrick Dunne



on every corner

chairs and tables                                     by Patrick Dunne


new love

they both ignore

the quiet fart                                           by Patrick Dunne


all the greens…

under ferns, dewdrops

bead the moss                                           by Chris Jupp


new pond-

out of the water’s sound

froglets                                                     by Chris Jupp


call to prayer

between the bell’s tolls

a wood pigeon                                       by Gillian Dawson


still centre

of radiating ripples

where the coot was                               by Gillian Dawson


approaching darkness

a blackbird glides

to the tadpoles’ pool                              by Gillian Dawson




inside                                                      by Sandra Crawford


dawn chorus

my grandmother’s


in the shadow

of the old church

forget-me-nots                                      by Sandra Crawford


stillness –

swifts sleeping

on the breeze                                         by Sandra Crawford


a lamb struggles

to rise-   overhead

crows circle                                            by Sandra Crawford



tulips dance

a strathspey                                           by Sandra Crawford


one sneeze

it’s coming this year too

hay fever                                                   by Mayu Hamazaki


the wedding banquet

willow blossom will open

bitter confetti                                          by James P Spence


spring rain

something of a loved one

in the earth’s aroma                              by Catherine Urquhart