spice in the air

unknown languages

hot red floor                                                     by Elsie Wall (aged 10 )

The above haiku by Elsie Wall won second prize in the children’s category of the Mainichi International Haiku Competition 2016.



newly grown leaves

border my kitchen window

cucumber plants                                               by Miriam Sulhunt


a well trodden path

under the cherry trees

now in leaf                                                        by Miriam Sulhunt



on a hot pebbly beach

bright orange rock                                            by Miriam Sulhunt



maestro raises his baton

glorious release                                                  by Miriam Sulhunt


colours in the sky

sound waves reverberate

Red Arrows                                                          by Miriam Sulhunt


an idea

hanging on a trapeze

circus spider                                                       by Miriam Sulhunt


last in the pool

once more round

insects in the water                                          by Elaine Charwat


fitful rain

pen resting on paper

black ink spill                                                    by Elaine Charwat


shearing a sheep

feeling refreshed

the future beckons                                           by Mayu Hamazaki


the longest day

after the storm

birdsong                                                           by John Wall



bedded in deep grass

peach flesh                                                       by John Wall


above the haar

the sun lion blazes

trembling blossom                                        by John Wall


weaving through

the departing suitcases

homeward                                                       by John Wall


just now

on every tree

green                                                                by Patrick Dunne


sudden blooms

and mackerel shoals

festival season                                              by Patrick Dunne


summer rain

streaming down her face

hay fever                                                        by Patrick Dunne


home from work

starling fledglings

still begging to be fed                                    by Becky Dwyer


setting sun

how long

since the bin man’s been                             by Becky Dwyer


a perfect web

while at yoga

the wing mirror spider

repaired its web                                         by Becky Dwyer


moon river meandering snail                by Gillian Dawson


your operation over

on a summer night

thunder in the distance                            by Catherine Urquhart