on my back


black ice                                                           by Gillian Dawson


winter sun


through closed eyelids                                   by Gillian Dawson


snowy park

the sparrows also

without necks                                                    by Chris Jupp


winter cold

drops also from

the statue’s nose                                               by Chris Jupp


chilled evening

scribbled on the moon

a tree                                                                  by John Wall


forgotten in summer

the memory returns

broken heating                                                  by John Wall


standing in the bathroom

so cold

my heart aches                                                    by John Wall


old socks

stand on new floor

same chill                                                                by John Wall


walk to work

star-strewn pavements

tumble-weed Christmas trees                             by John Wall


beneath fairy lights

and shops and bars and people

a garden                                                                      by Patrick Dunne


out of the darkness

three golden leaves blow at me

and then…nothing                                                    by Becky Dwyer


the bacon roll

the morning after

the late dawn                                                            by Becky Dwyer


pale leaves

the same frost

I left this morning                                                      by Becky Dwyer


blackbird in the hedge

at dawn

gloved hands miss the call                                        by Becky Dwyer


breaking the ice

on the water bowl

the fog rolls in                                                                by Becky Dwyer


grey winter day

what made me look up

to see the bird’s nest?                                                   by Becky Dwyer


empty nest

in a naked tree

bread falls from my trolley                                           by Becky Dwyer


old coat

new buttons

old needle

new thread                                                                         by Becky Dwyer


how different

the rain sounds

when the leaves are on the ground                                by Becky Dwyer


my pug’s fur

golden brown and orange

leaves litter the path                                                           by Miriam Sulhunt


the wind bites

first flurry of snowflakes

lifts my spirits                                                                         by Miriam Sulhunt


paper menageries

reindeer, robins, donkeys, sheep,

migrating                                                                                      by Miriam Sulhunt


postman’s sack bulges

shepherds, wise men, kings,

probably                                                                                         by Miriam Sulhunt


whisky by the fire

swirling the tulip glass

drops from the necklace                                                           by Miyuki Tsurumaki


Christmas afterglow

sharing the lights with the fire

white flakes into the dark                                                      by Miyuki Tsurumaki


the morning sun

enjoys iced drops on branches

a cracking walk                                                                     by Miyuki Tsurumaki